• Fleets Dam Barnsley, June 2017

    John Turner breast cancer charity

Fleets Dam, Barnsley, June 2017

Breast Cancer Charity Match, Wednesday 14th June

On my small England round trip from Manchester via Leeds to Liverpool.

in June 2017 – a little detour to Barnsley – visit a friend – while fishing :-)

Because of the music rights (Gema) I have produced two different clips. Each country has different requirements. Both clips – see below!

Auf meiner kleinen England Rundreise von Manchester über Leeds nach Liverpool.

im Juni 2017 – ein kleiner Abstecher nach Barnsley – Einen Freund besuchen – beim Angeln :-)

Wegen der Musikrechte (Gema) habe ich zwei verschiedene Clips produziert. Jedes Land hat andere Vorgaben. Beide Clips – siehe unten !

Breast Cancer Charity Match, Wednesday 14th June,

Fleets Dam, Barnsley, John Turner & Friends raising £2065 !!!

A picture gallery as video clip = 12:11 min.

Wolfgang Gerth, Gemany, www.motivbox.de

The music tracks on the Youtube clip are:

1.) Israel Kamamawiwo’ole – Sea of Love

2.) MWill Young – Beyond The Sea

3.) Bruce Guthro – Sailing Home, from the Album Celtic Crossing

4.) Runrig – Water is wide, from the Album Access All Areas

See you again – On the Runrig Open Air ’17 Tour

Mönchengladbach | Loreley | Meersburg | Schwetzingen | Hamburg

Fleets Dam Barnsley, John Turner & DJ-Wolfgang