Wolfgang’s mobile disco | A dream career.

A life as DJ Wolfgang behind the desk.

DJ Wolfgang at the MicrofonThis is how it started: in 1978, since the age of 18, in use as Wolfgang’s Mobile Disco, at that time still parallel (until 1984) also with discotheques inserts. Worth mentioning and still in good memory: The “Dicke Stein in Wennigsen”, The “Number One” in Barsinghausen and then from 1981 to 1987 as a disc jockey in the “Mr. Drinks Beerhouse, Hannover City.

The mobile missions came by themselves, birthday parties for relatives and friends. The first wedding celebrations for regular customers from the discotheque.

Then followed the business registration, the first newspaper advertisements and the hobby became a “professional”. Only secondary, because first something sensible was learned: Cartographer. Education and term of office in the Nds. National Survey office, the whole from 1978 to 1991.

I didn’t need a pseudonym, i didn’t need an artist’s name, I was just me.

DJ Wolfgang, DJ Technik

So I always remained the DJ-Wolfgang.

From the very beginning, I have attached great importance to a good appearance. DJ technology, sound, optics, business cards and advertising were always ahead of their time.

Thus, it was also clear that all modern techniques were used and used immediately.

I’m one of the generation of DJs who started with records. What an effort and adventure. Then it started, the Walkman was invented.

After that, the Compact Disc was soon launched. It was an expensive time. You had everything on records, LPs and singles. In the end it was a whole room, full of black and sometimes colorful discs. And buy everything again.

Over the years of the CD era, there were about 6,000 CDs. And these are no longer to be found in my household. Since the day Apple launched iTunes, everything has been neatly digitized, cataloged, and managed in a perfect database. This is also expensive fun.

If you do it right, magic things like hard drives, backup, backup, cloud, and other modern techniques are part of it, so there are no outages or losses. Perfection has always been my strength.

Then At some point I had to deal with the fact that a DJ gets old quite quickly and the young audience doesn’t want to have such an “older solo entertainer” anymore.

Hannover DJ Wolfgang GerthThe DJ on the Internet | Get out into the digital world.

And there, too, I have been lucky in my life. The Internet, I was there from the beginning. Of course withmy name www.dj-wolfgang.de . I program my websites myself and since I was in high demand in the 80s and 90s up to the 2000s and was well booked.

After all, I started getting DJ colleagues on board early on, if I was already occupied for a requested appointment. So it was obvious – www.dj-agentur.de. Sign up for a domain, tinker website and get started.

For the first 10 years, the whole thing is regionally limited to the Hanover region.

And then I realized that due to the ever-increasing importance of the Internet and the self-marketing of THE DJ colleagues, you can’t get far.

If you want to get close to the effort and cost of dj placement in the modern Facebook age, then the whole thing has to draw bigger circles.

From then on it was said: www.dj-ag.de. The project has been running since the beginning of 2000. Now that I am no longer active in action, I have a hobby that keeps me busy at the computer and mentally fit. But i also get to know how the market is changing rapidly, unfortunately for the bad.

And with that I am happy and have been really lucky here too !

I was a mobile DJ at just the right time:

Wolfgang’s mobile disco, 1978-2014, the wedding DJ Wolfgang Gerth.

Thank you for the Music.

That’s how it was then, DJ Wolfgang Gerth with his Wolfgangs mobile disco.

From there to the DJ agency and to the dj-ag.

With over 800 wedding DJs nationwide.

Wolfgang's mobile disco