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My Video Clips | Moving images

Special trips or life events as a slide show underpinned with music.

Early on I produced advertising trailers for websites, today I summarize my memories.

Let’s start with something special !

The marriage proposal in January 2016:

And she said yes !

The story took its course.

On to the Runrig Story Tour in Germany in October/November 2016.

13 concerts in Germany – with the Mazda CX5 – over 3,300 km driven:

Stopover at Lake Tegernsee

The wedding on 03.11.2016

On the Runrig Tour, the group made a detour to Zurich.

We missed this concert and drove from Freiburg to Lake Tegernsee, my birthplace.

And that’s where I got married!

My time as Aldiana Dj

2006 – 2016

A video clip 9:23 with the two Aldiana songs!
Reminder of holidays among friends.

My first Dj assignment I had for the Tui.

Already in 1981 !

This was followed by DJ holidays in the Maldives, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria.

Photographs from this time no longer exist, unfortunately!

The Dj with the house by the lake.

2013 – 2018.

I had this video clip on my iPad and iPhone for many years.
Always there when I was travelling – and then again missing “my lake”.

Because I knew: soon it’s going again “Going home”

Music by Runrig.

2017 – The long honeymoon.

An exciting year.

Captured with iPhone – moving pictures !

This year flew over 21,000 km.

More than 10,000 km traveled by car.

Almost 800 km by bicycle.

approx. 250 km of sightseeing by Pedes !

The music for this clip: Smith and Burrows – Wonderful Life

(inspired by the Cologne crime scene crime thriller “Kartenhaus”)

The coming years too

one more exciting than the other.

Many more travel experiences around the world follow:

by bike, motorhome or plane.

More video clips are on my Youtube Video Channel. see.

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