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Wolfgang Gerth | Nikolaus-Reuß-Str. 11 | 67549 Worms
I’m not a friend of WhatsApp or Skype!

By e-mail you can reach me all over the world.

E-mail: send to Wolfgang Gerth.

The headline photo is from Nova Scotia, Canada, 11/2017.

The other pictures here are from our beautiful Lüneburg Heath, Germany.

You should do 10,000 steps – every day for your health. In the Lüneburg Heath you like to run a little more.

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Wolfgang Gerth from nibelungenstadt – Nikolaus-Reuss-Strasse 11 – 67549 Worms – Rhineland-Palatinate.

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wolfgang gerth, 36275 kirchheim

Wolfgang Gerth from Germany. Who knows him – find him.

I lived in 30625 Hannover, 30966 Hemmingen, 36275 Kirchheim and now in 67549 Worms.

Always on the road, by bike, Mazda 2, turmalin blue or by plane across the ocean.

Contact possible, by e-mail for example. A great invention.

Visit me at the house by the lake in Nova Scotia in Canada

or in Worms, the Nibelungenstadt in Germany.

Heide Hike, Wolfgang Gerth from Hemmingen

Wolfgang Gerth from 67549 Worms am Rhein.