Varadero Cuba, One of the many taxis

Varadero Cuba

The first flight as a private holidaymaker across the goat pond.

December 2015. Cuba has always been on my wish list.

Just because of the old cars.

It was exciting and kind of wonderful. 14 days without internet.

Life could be so beautiful without WhatsApp and Facebook.

As the tour guide said: Tourism – our industry without machines.

Yupp, he was right. Unfortunately, they have it on how to get the small money from the touri.

And you only do that once.

It stinks to the sky. Cuba has the worst diesel in the world, but cars with 28 liters of consumption per 100 km.

But still, the time was beautiful – and I was there,

… before the Americans, before Mr Gabriel and the Geißens !

Cuba Trip, Varadero 2015

Cuba. Back to the past 2015.

Varadero. Paradise on time.

Varadero Cuba. As beautiful as the holiday destination is.

It remains a tourist trap on the island of Cuba.

Too bad, but worth seeing definitely.

Varadero Cuba, Taxi Carriage