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In the footsteps of the Beatles | Three Days in Liverpool

From Penny Lane to Anfield Road.

Three Days in Liverpool | Much seen and experienced a lot.

First of all, I would like to mention the “Z Hotel“. This hotel chain didn’t tell me anything until then, for me there is always a place to sleep.

Cool I found the small service: at 17:00 instead of Tea Time there was a glass of wine in the lobby and a selection of cheeses and crackers. It’s an attention you always remember.

Then we went out into the nightlife of Liverpool, which clearly starts at 17:00, at the latest. Because at 10:30 p.m. the city is empty – weekdays !

The Z Hotel was located in the immediate vicinity of the Cavern Quarter and the legendary Cavern Club.

The Cavern Club,to a hair we would have tapped into a tourist trap. On the first evening we were at the Cavern Club, kindly asked in by the bouncers. Was nice, the club – so that was then? – In the 60s ? – There were monitors everywhere and the good old days were shown, along with live music, of course Beatles songs.

When we went out, we were still strolling through the Cavern Quarter – and suddenly there was a Cavern Club on the right! Nanu???

Quickly back again, looked at the “other club” again, and in fact there is small print under the lettering “little Sister of ….”

The Original Club was not so easy to enter. Of course, it cost admission.

We picked up the visit for the last night – and the five pounds per person was worth it – that was the real “Cavern Club“.

Lucky :-)

I once picked out 75 pictures – from 578 … the video clip – see below …

Let’s see why Jürgen is doing the coach here.

If we were already at Liverpool, the search for Penny Lane and Elenora Rigby was of course a must.

Ignorant as I am, I also searched for – and found – Abbey Road. But it wasn’t “Abbey Road” – the one with the most famous zebra strip in the world, which is even listed. This Abbey Road is, of course, in London. No matter the tourist notices this only when he has found the small alley !

The beauty of Liverpool’s Abbey Road is – it’s close to Anfield Road.

And there we were – to be precise even on 16.06.2017 – on the day the current coach Jürgen Klopp turned 50 years old. We were upstairs in the so-called “Boot Room”, drank a glass of wine. We knew from the press that Jürgen was not there personally. Jürgen celebrated his birthday with his family.

But the visit was worth it – what a stadium, Anfield Road. Even during the summer break a magical place. I am not the big football fan, but I think in Germany only the black-yellow can keep up, from the atmosphere :-).

You immediately believe that the German coach must feel comfortable in Liverpool when you have visited the Albert Docks, the other piers or have been to Crosby Beach.

And then there were the cruise ships. Every day such a big barge docked – and in the evening again. Impressive definitely the phasing-out ceremonies and for me as a technology fan – how man can build such a thing, fascinating.

But that’s it, as long as I can still walk or ride a bike, no one gets me on such polluters and tourism destroyers.

Liverpool – three days – I’ll hang on for another three days …

Oh yes – in Manchester, Leeds and Barnsley we were also on our tour of England this year – soon more …

Beatles Statue, Liverpool

The Beatles and the Cavern Club. Albert Dock & Anfield Road.

Three Days in Liverpool. A little journey through time with a certain something.