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I’m World Wide On the Road. Hunting every day.

DJ Wolfgang Gerth, Aldiana ALcaidesaI grew up in the great age of technology.

The technical revolution really began in 1969, when the colour television was purchased for the first moon landing.

After that it went blow after blow, I got a digital clock, the madness, in gold with seconds display and you could switch to the date, that was ugly the thing.

There was the tape, the radio, the cassette recorder, the record player, the Compact system and soon the Walkman.

My first single purchased was “Magic Fly of Space”.

From the confirmation money I bought the first Best Of LP, it was Udo Jürgens!

Did that shape me? So did I become a DJ?

The development continued, the CD came on the market and soon the first computers. You guessed it, of course I was a Commodore C64 hero.

In my training as a cartographer, I was very lucky to be able to work immediately with the first Apple Macintosh computer that came onto the German market. Yes – that shaped me.

I am proud to have spent my life “Microsoft free”. With the exception of three Mac models, I have personally owned each model once, bought it – an expensive hobby!

And then it went on. E-Mail, Internet, MP3. These buzzwords determined my most active time. Yes, I was already in it, at AOL, when everyone still thought that no one needed this, just like the mobile phone. At that time already a D2 mobile phone contract concluded with a minute price of 2,- DM. I wish that was the case today, then there would be peace on the bus, in the train, in the pub, in the bar.

Life goes on:

I hope confidently that the future offers more joyful opportunities than computers and the Internet.

Detlef Hartlap. Journalist, Editor-in-Chief “Prisma”

From the business card to the flyer and in the modern present, the websites, everything learns, done, done and implemented.

Thus, the path to self-employment was predetermined. I would have been in the authority. The speed of technical developments and possibilities was severely slowed down during official operation.

And so I became a real Macintosh expert and the most sought-after system optimizer for Apple computers. But then the technical, rapid development kicked me out of the business.

With the invention Internet my knowledge was no longer needed. Google thank you. It took me years to adopt this technique and hit back!

Mediat, coordinate, optimize DJs. The DJ-AG.DE

DJ-AG.DE websiteThis task now concerns me after my active DJ time – the website www.dj-ag.de. At the end of the last century I had already gathered some DJs from my region of Hanover around me.

Colleagues were happy, based on my experience, that someone “marketed” them on the Internet.

Now that I have time, the whole thing has been expanded, nationwide. Of course, the whole thing does not go overnight, since the turn of the millennium the DJ Portal has been tinkering, optimizing and constantly being further developed.

The DJ Portal by Djs – for DJs – unique in Germany.

After all, you have to stand out from your competitors and, if you can, not at the expense of quality.

I will soon have over 900 mobile DJs from all over Germany to choose from.

From my own experience I know DJs are not easy, they have their own head and think a little differently than the “normal” person.

And that’s what makes DJ AG special. To shape everyone in some way, to handle the whole thing in the way the customer would like. A non-ending challenge.

DJ Appointment Coordinator Wolfgang Gerth on the web.

As the inventor of DJ mediation on the Internet with his passion DJ-AG.

The DJ portal for DJs, the www.dj-ag.de. Known nationwide.

DJ Appointment Coordinator Wolfgang Gerth