Runrig, the Scottish folk rock band, for over 40 years.

This music is left !

2013 Runrig Inverness

There must be a place … Under the Sun.

Ask a DJ about Runrig and he will tell you most likely, I don’t know. Admittedly, that’s how I did.

So the question arises, why have I been attending almost every concert for 4 years, no matter where?

(Photo on the right: Runrig, Anniversary Concert 2013. 40 Years Runrig, Party on the Moor, in Inverness, Scotland.)

You guessed it, there’s a woman behind it.Runrig Scotland, Inverness, 2013

If someone has only one performer or a band/group in their CD collection and flies after every concert in Europe, you will hear. And someone like me, who stands behind his DJ desk and somehow has to make sure that the guests and newlyweds fill the dance floor after well-known disco Fox rhythms, doesn’t get the idea to listen to music from Runrig or even to play something like that at an event.

I don’t really like music, I don’t listen to the radio.

I have never watched MTV or VIVA and certainly not watched Youtube music videos. All my life I have only played music that I wanted.

Runrig, AWD Hall 2012 in HannoverAnd as chance played out, the group came to Hanover. Polite as I am, I go along with it, I haven’t been in front of a stage for a long time.

Anyone who knows me, when it comes to music, I am a unique person, considering that I was a mobile DJ for 36 years. I have never let myself be influenced by the media, but have remained neutral, the guest and his wishes go before his own taste in music. And it’s helpful if you don’t have your own favorites, by the way, one of the secrets of my professional success. Of course, I’ve been to a live concert one or two times. You are constantly invited somewhere. But again and again I was glad that such a concert was over again. How can you push yourself through the crowds to be in the front row.

Over the years, we haven’t been at the forefront, but in the middle of the technician – with John Turner – now a “good friend” – but that’s a different story. Coming soon …

Well what can I say since the first Runrig concert

and some have come to it | Hamburg | Loreley | Scotland | Bensheim and also in Denmark, if I personally liked an event with my customers and even in the ALDIANA clubs, I made it easy: The last two songs were always from Runrig.

There must be a place … Under the Sun.

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Runrig Scotland, Hamburg 2012

Runrig – The Story. We visit, if possible – every concert.

I am a huge fan of Scottish folk and rock band Runrig Scotland with my wife Christa.