Runrig in Inverness, Party on the Moor, 13.08.2013

party on the moor, 13.08.2013 in Runrig Inverness, Scotland

Party on the moor, Runrig Inverness

The highlight of the Scotland tour in August 2013.

Runrig – 40 Years – The Final Concert ? – Or is it going on?

Bruce Guthro & Runrig Inverness 2013It was the biggest concert I’ve ever seen.

Not from the visitors numbers, although they were already huge.

Over 20,000 people in a magical place – The Black Isle Showground.

It was a Day of Celebration with Friends, Fans and Special Guests.

party on the moor, 13.10.2013 in Runrig Inverness, Scotland

13 08 2013, Inverness

That’s it – Runrig 40 Years. The anniversary concert in Inverness, Scotland.

Runrig 40 Years. The show, the concert in the Scottish Highlands. In Inverness on 13.08.2013.

Party on the Moor.