• Freiburg 2017 CX-3

The first tour with the Mazda CX-3

and the bikes piggyback. Road Tour Freiburg.

We head to Freiburg im Breisgau with the CX-3.

It was already a small changeover, from convertible to SUV. And then another bike rack on the back.

But such a road tour is fun. You are independent and do not have to park in the city centre.

In addition, you have the feeling that you can do something for your health in between.

Let’s go – via Darmstadt, Heidelberg and Schwetzingen.

It was a fitness trip anyway. The final goal was AERO Congress 2017 in Freiburg. There is my Christa twice a year – and in the summer I am there.

The tour started early, of course from Lake Arnumer. In the morning half ten – breakfast in Darmstadt. Cafe Chaos – that was cool. You feel much younger – in a student pub.

From there a small stopover with a nice acquaintance from Aldiana times, in the kitchen studio on the B3, on the Mountain Road – surprise !

On the way to Freiburg you always leave the day before, because the detour to Heidelberg to “our favorite Spaniard” in the winery must already be.

Before we went on to Freiburg, briefly stopped at the Hockenheimring. Unfortunately, it was too early, so only briefly looked at from the outside.

And if we are already nearby – inspect the castle in Schwetzingen.

Here we are again in August 2017 – to the Runrig Open Air concert.

In Freiburg we are already regularguests in the Hotel zum Bären, where we eat again in the evening – the last carbohydrates before the sport.

Get out early – get a woman to play sports – and I set off, by bike. Freiburg is very bike-friendly, the people there anyway.

Sightseeing and then off to the Seepark (Freiburg Betzenhausen, the former grounds of the Landesgartenschau 1986), swim, sunbathe – and think and plan the route – for the next road tour … with the CX-3.

It starts to be fun …. Germany is beautiful !

Next Stop – Lake Constance …

As always – a small Youtube video clip with the most beautiful photos of the little tour.

Mazda CX-3, with bicycle carrier

Summer 2017 Road Tour from Hannover to Freibrug with the Mazda CX-3.

The bikes are included. Independent and free. Wolfgang Gerth, motivbox.

Road Tour Freiburg. Ababt in Hannover with the Mazda CX-3, July 2017.