• Nibelungentower Worms

Always close to the water – Worms am Rhein.

After each trip we go back to the Nibelungenstadt.

Here I live and can’t help it !

Who would have thought this: since 2010 we have been looking for a suitable place of residence in Germany.

When you travel a lot, travel to distant cultures and countries, you always need a place where you can feel comfortable when you come home.

There is no longer much space in Germany. I’m probably too old for emigrating and i’m admitting: Germany is beautiful, somehow.

The fourth move in nine years. – Since June 2019 “we” have now found a small condominium over 2 floors with a cute balcony in Worms, western bank of the Rhine, Rhineland-Palatinate.

Well – how to get to Worms?

The following circumstances should be easy to adjust:

  • Close to the water,
  • short transfer route to Frankfurt Airport,
  • a top fitness studio should be within 2.5 km,
  • a good internet connection should be available,
  • the car needs a garage,
  • no more lake or garden – so easy to care for in absentia,
  • centrally located in Germany – suitable for bicycle excursions.

Nibelungen Christmas Market, X-Mas Mug
City wall Worms in the fog

Life on the Waterfront.

Nibelungenstadt Worms, Rhineland-Palatinate.

For the second time in a multi-party house.

A small apartment over 2 floors with underground parking.