• There are 2 days in life ...

    you can’t change anything about them.

    DJ Wolfgang, Tegernsee

Life artist Wolfgang Gerth. It never got boring. Something is always.

In the course of your life, you never learn.

dj wolfgang gerth, hemmingen, hannoverFrom cartographer to DJ Wolfgang Gerth.

From DJ to DJ AG, the unique DJ Portal.

From Apple expert to own advertising agency.

From web designers to hobby photographers.

From the World Wide Web to the house by the lake.

Without a car (driving licence) everywhere.

Around the world by bike.

And life is only just beginning.

There are only two days in your life when you can’t change anything. One is yesterday and the other is tomorrow. (Dalai Lama).

Here is an overview of my travels and experiences

… or about myself.
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Where I’ve Been Everywhere | Where else I want to go …

I am, what I am. Made, done, done.

It’s weird. As holiday DJ Wolfgang Gerth I flew around the world, probably mostly through Europe, but in fact I personally don’t know anyone who was more in the air than me.

In any case at home, at home, it would have been indisputable if someone had lived more than 25 km away from me. That would have been a long-distance relationship !

You have to find a person with whom you can travel to Germany.

By train and bike. But since 2006, this has finally worked out.

And so it happens that I travel at least once a month.

dj wolfgang bodensee

With our climate in Germany, that I very much appreciate,

just like our fluctuating temperatures, I usually travel on two wheels from the end of March to the end of October.

In spring and autumn from time to time with the convertible.

The photo, for example, was taken on 01.11.2016 ! – On Lake Constance.

We drove across the Allgäu from Freiburg to Lake Tegernsee.

A part of our Runrig Tour 2016. This tour gets its own album, its own story page.

After all, it was The Story – the band Runrig had called the tour so.

It could not be better formulated.

Make the most of the remaining time. No problem – I am the life artist Wolfgang Gerth.

Since January 2017 it has been for me personally – avoiding stress, health to love.

Well then, see you … DJ Wolfgang Gerth

Above the Clouds | Where you don’t get there on foot.

In late autumn, the plane always goes to warmer areas.

The life artist Wolfgang Gerth with the stages of my life.

My biography, my hobbies. My life, my pictures.

My motive box.

Life artist Wolfgang Gerth