Island of Crete Rethymno | The first all-inclusive holiday as a guest.

Island of Crete, Marine Port Rethymno

Island of Crete Rethymno

2015. After 37 years not flown in the sun for the first time as a holiday DJ.

Overall everything very nice. The hotel. The beach. The port. The weather.

But if you are only used to 4 star club facilities,

I definitely know one thing: I won’t book a 2 star club any more so quickly. Not that it was bad, but the difference to “my Aldiana Clubs” was very stark.

Remarkably the Greek kindness and cheerfulness, A Greece crisis I have not seen.

I’ve never seen such a perfect, hard-working umbrella seller. I would like to have such a thing with us at the lake, in the garden, as a gardener !

In any case, we have found that you should not book inclusively in Greece. The places, villages with all the taverns and restaurants are so stylish, a romance that does not exist in our homeland.

The whole thing is also affordable. Here you can go out as a tourist every evening to eat, varied and adventurous. Who needs that buffet?

Crete, Rethymno

Because it was the first holiday in which I had so much time, this time it is more than seven pictures.

Island crete Rethymno – click, click hurra.

Finally vacation. The DJ stays at home.

Island of Crete. The first holiday without a DJ job.

We stayed in autumn near the port in Rethymno.

Typical Greek,I found.

Crete Rethymno

We move on to unknown regions. Finally my “invisible” wish list is being processed.

There is still plenty of space on my travel world map.