From DJ to event photographer Wolfgang Gerth.

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The way to becoming a hobby photographer was actually quite simple. As already mentioned, I have been online with my websites since the beginning of the Internet. And free according to the motto

A picture says more than a thousand words.

I just needed photos. I’ve always only worked with originals, using any pictures of others would have been either illegal or too expensive.
Runrig Whiskey, Signed, 469/500And since I was lucky in life as always, I came to a great customer and client in my time as an Apple expert, that was around the turn of the millennium.

Through the photo center Euromediahaus Hannover, with the best industrial photographer Manfred Zimmermann and perfectionist sat me until now, I was there when the company of analogue photography was switched to digital technology.

That has had a positive impact on me. Forever. I’ve had the right angle of view since then. Thank you Manfred.

In that time I learned a lot about photography,

not the technique as such, as far as apertures, exposure time and all these technical terms were concerned, but something much more important, the angle of view.
How do you see the perfect motif, which angle or view is required and when is the right moment to press the trigger. It was exciting.

Bavarian evening, arnumer seeIf you have learned this, the technique is almost unimportant. The quality must be right.

And so it happened that I also accompanied an event agency over a long period of time, as a party DJ and photographer, there are things.

But I’ll soon learn what it’s called aperture 1.8 or something …

But something will always be, when photographing – too bright, too dark – or not the right lens with it. And what is even worse, the technology is getting better and more ingenious.

The apps are getting more and more perfect. Only my eyes, they fade.

But it doesn’t matter. I travel a lot and see a lot. In winter or on cold days, the pictures are sorted, archived or sometimes tidied up.

Actually, you don’t want to delete an image. Every picture has a memory.

Approximately 1,000 images are added to the database each month. Every four years a new library is created, for performance reasons.

One of my favorite motifs from 2013 to 2018:

The view of “my” lake – at the Arnumer lake. I was at home here.

Event photographer Wolfgang Gerth, Summer at the Lake

Event photographer Wolfgang Gerth with the nimble eye for the right moments and situations in life.

It depends on the angle of view – And it clicked.