Before the curse to Cuba – a day in Düsseldorf.

Dusseldorf | A city on the Rhine

Düsseldorf City Tour

December 8, 2015. 14 degrees and without jacket in the Schneider Wibbel alley.

The train connections from Hanover to Düsseldorf Airport are not so optimal if you want to fly overseas at an early age.

So arrive a day earlier and then explore the city. In December, I thought it wasn’t going to happen. But if YOU have found the Schneider Wibbel alley, you think you are in Spain. It was still a loose 14 degrees on December 8, 2015, and at 6:00 p.m. in the evening. Sitting outside for two hours, eating delicious Spanish and listening to the live musicians. What a perfect prelude to flying into the sun.

During the day strolled along the banks of the Rhine, visited the Christmas market, bought at Saturn Hansa on the Kö.

Dusseldorf | A city on the Rhine

Fine. Tremendous. Amazing.

Sunset in winter on the banks of the Rhine

Visiting the modern and imposing media harbour – cosmopolitan city flair.

And in the evening two nice DJ colleagues visited in Ballermann 6. Again Spain – that seemed to me Spanish – the Düsseldorf city tour.

I have to go there again … in summer.

Always long on the Rhine. The Düsseldorf city tour.

From the Kö to the media port and to the old town, Schneider Wibbel Gasse.

City tour 2015.

Düsseldorf city tour