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    Two through the world !

    Destinations of my life

Here I was at some point | Familiar, lived and traveled.

Where have I been before, where do I want to go?

Some things I only know from memory.

Of many things there are no more photos, many have been lost over the years, or faded.

Somehow I’ve seen a lot. And many goals are still ahead of me. In the distance.

I only have an overview through digital photography.

Aldiana & Runrig

Holidays and music set out my destinations.

Over the course of my 38 years as a holiday DJ, I noticed that I had sat a lot on the plane, but I haven’t seen much of our world.

Of course, this was primarily due to my recurring DJ assignments in the same clubs.

In my Aldiana period (2006 to 2016) I spent 10 years several times a year in Spain, Canary Islands, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Greece and Cyprus.

Always only in the club – not much seen from country and people.

Then came the Runrig time (2010 to 2018). There were also the concert tours and tours:

in Denmark, England, Scotland, Germany.

This was then associated with “Cities Tours” and sightseeing.

Continue – there is a lot to see !

Aldiana Tours, Runrig Tours

Aldiana Tours, Runrig Tours

Free to Pippi Longstocking

I build the world for myself …
… as I like it.
But I have to take a closer look at them.

The world is big, round and interesting.

And now, as a private person – it goes everywhere, my invisible to-do list is very long.

As far as Cuba, and Canada, I’ve already made it.

Since Nova Scotia has almost become my second home – it looks like a long time will spend in only one place again.

But Canada is so big, there’s a lot to see. In 2020, there will even be a motorhome.

In any case, my wife and I will travel a lot as long as we can, stay healthy and the money is enough.

See you soon – see you … Somewhere!

Maybe for my 66th birthday on Route 66,which will be 100 years old!

World Travel, Canada

From Germany to Canada and to the whole world.

Click here for the travel reports.

… sorted by topic.

These were the destinations of Wolfgang Gerth’s life,

the life artist, born on Lake Tegernsee, 02-01-1960.

Collected memories of the last 40 years.

Stuck for the evenings by the fireplace. When you’re on the road and dreaming of “old times.”

My private website – publicly visible to everyone – because I was always in the public eye.

And it goes on and on:

In June 2020, the apartment on four wheels was ready – a new way of life:

Now the road trips go through Germany and all over Europe …

… with a wine mountain MEG650.

Weinsberg Meg 650, The Motorhome