A Life as a Mobile Wedding & Party DJ

From the record to the hard drive.

Reports and stories about the life artist DJ Wolfgang Gerth.

The mobile disc jockey from the 80s to the digital present. 1978 – 2016.

Many people ask me today why I am so present on Facebook, Twitter and why I have my own website.

This is mainly due to my DJ time.

In the past, you googled and wanted to get information about the Dj before you booked in.

A good self-expression was the best advertising medium.

Today it is different, it is googled after a DJ Hannover and then you immediately click on “show cheap price first” in the search result. So times have changed – luck.

And then I was also an Apple Macintosh expert and web designer.

With my website I have always tested new techniques, checked updates and tested new procedures. So I always “studied” on my own website and didn’t have to experiment on customer sites.

My “customers” appreciated this!

I’m born in 1960 – Well, I’ve been retired since 2016, but the “Motivbox” website still exists.

– registered on 15 September 2000.

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