Since the age of 4

Bicycle rider Wolfgang Gerth.

  • Bicycle rider Wolfgang Gerth

Never driven anything else. Never made a driver’s license.

Envied – marveled – admired – regrets.

I survived all accidents with the bike without any major blessures.

In the 90s and up to about 2006, an average of 4,500 km were added each year on the speedometer.

pegasus bike dj wolfgang

After the car accident 07-10-2010, now living on the lake, so the daily cycling fails.

I want to ride my bycicle, call it Pegasus. Since 2010 my life has been reorganized.

For this there are several day tours with approx. 75 km to 120 km, several 2-day tours and often for a week it goes for a week by bike across Germany. Sometimes also through Denmark or Holland.

Not only in the morning at half past ten, Germany is beautiful.

If you are travelling by bike, you will immediately recognize this. In recent years, cycling tours through Bavaria have been on the agenda. Sylt, Rügen, North Sea coast, the Hanover region or Weser Uplands have already been passed through.

The fact that I chose the all-round trekking model “Pegasus” is pure coincidence, I believe.

And so I continue as long as the back holds, the head is firmly on the neck and the legs can still switch to the third gear.

There is still much to discover,next is Norderney, the Loreley, the Rhine and the Moselle. The Lüneburg Heath, Fehmarn and Denmark on the tour planning list.

Bicycle rider Wolfgang Gerth

Bicycle rider Wolfgang Gerth. What a life, so completely without a driver’s license.

Since the age of four on the bike. Never driven anything else.