• Beachhouse, 36275 Kirchheim

Life in the Red Riding Hood. Beachhouse at the small private reservoir.

Relax… Enjoy the peace and quiet.

Looking for a new optimal location !

The year 2018 was always exciting. Runrig retires and we moved on …

… to the beach house on the Silbersee, 36275 Kirchheim.

Renovated – tried – moved on !

It was probably the shortest time in a place of residence – lived in Hesse for almost 10 months.

Was short, nice but somehow not the solution for the further journey through the world!

So I move on – next stop: Nibelungenstadt Worms !

House on the lake, Silver Trench 48
Spring at the Lake, 36275 Kirchheim

The new house on the lake in The Red Riding Hood.

Living in Hesse, with fireplace and sauna.

A jetty by the water and peace in nature.

Beachhouse 36275 Kirchheim.