• Beachhouse, 36275 Kirchheim

Life in the Red Riding Hood. Beachhouse at the small private reservoir.

Relax… Enjoy the peace and quiet.

Looking for a new optimal location !

The year 2018 was always exciting. Runrig retires and we moved on …

… to the beach house on the Silbersee, 36275 Kirchheim.

Renovated – tried – moved on !

It was probably the shortest time in a place of residence – lived in Hesse for almost 10 months.

Was short, nice but somehow not the solution for the further journey through the world!

So I move on – next stop: Nibelungenstadt Worms !

Haus am See in Gershausen, Hessen
Das Haus am Silbersee, 2018 bis 2019

The new holiday home on the lake in the Rotkäppchenland.

Living in Hesse, with fireplace and sauna.

A jetty by the water and peace in nature.

Beachhouse 36275 Kirchheim.