The Holiday DJ | Holidays among friends.

On the sunny side of life.

And again and again – towards the sun, as a DJ on tour.

It began in 1978 in the early discotheque seam. As a disc jockey at the Mr. Drinks Beerhouse in Hanover, I was cast by a TUI employee, as it is so beautifully called today.

That’s when it started, long before the word club holiday was invented.

dj wolfgang tui club bracFirst DJ appearances where you didn’t know the hits and charts from Germany, Mamaia, Romania, Brac Island, Croatia and even the Maldives.

Oh yes, the word combination “Magic Life” was “invented” by me, back then in the TUI Club Mamaia, when we were to give the meeting place and the disco a name.

I did the whole thing until 1987 (the photo is from 1987 – TUI Club, Brac) with momentum and vigour four to six weeks a year.

Then came the wife, the wedding, the children, so that means animation break, holiday feeling away from the family, that’s not possible.

In the following years I had most mobile disco events in Hanover and the region until 2006: weddings, family celebrations or trade fair parties.

Wolfgang Gerth, once DJ, always DJ?

When the children grew big enough and the woman was out of the house, she was able to leave. ALDIANA was looking for DJs for their Blue Dolphin discotheques.

Aldiana DJ with enthusiasm in Spain, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Cyprus, Canary Islands, Germany.

Aldiana DJ Wolfgang, As DJ at Aldiana SideIn 2006 it started, the all inclusive age also began at ALDIANA, vacation among friends.

Since I could afford the luxury of doing only what I enjoy in my life and what I stand for 100 percent, I had my first assignment on the Djerba peninsula in Tunisia.

In the meantime I am found almost once a month in one of the ALDIANA clubs, sometimes a week or even for 14 days, I have time.

There are times on Fuerteventura when not even the staff realizes that I was in my homeland in between. Sometimes I think:

Now I know what it means to be part of the inventory. However, every b0 must be replaced at some point.

And if I don’t work as a DJ any more at some point, I’ll just come as a guest. Because at Aldiana I am among friends. That is how it should be.

See you soon – Your Aldiana DJ Wolfgang.

Supplement: In
June 2016
my last assignment as a DJ was at Aldiana, of course on Fuerteventura. I then put the DJ set aside at home and have never touched a mixing desk again since then. – Pensioner !

From 2006 to 2016 he was used as Aldiana DJ Wolfgang in all clubs.

Partly over 26 weeks a year.

Spain, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Cyprus, Canary Islands, Germany.

Beautiful time at the Aldiana Blue Dolphin Disco.

Aldiana DJ Wolfgang