My Aldiana Club Djerba. The pearl of the desert.

Aldiana Club Djerba | Tunisia.

Aldiana Club Djerba, Tunisia

The pearl of Tunisia. It was my first Aldiana club.

Was that exciting – first assignment for Aldiana, April 2006

aldiana club djerbaUnfortunately, I wasn’t there that often. But that was more due to the flights. Difficult for staff to get.

But otherwise – always great teams, great club bosses – and the disco was always a nice place to work, the only one with a terrace right by the sea. What more do you want?

Then I also met the Wimbledon tennis player Jan Gunnarson from Sweden and we had many years of fun together, mostly we met at the Aldiana on Furte. Have fun without ever having a tennis racket in my hand.

Thank you – Tunesia.

Aldiana Club Djerba, Tunisia.

The pearl of Tunisia.

The second destination in Tunisia for a long time.

The Aldiana Club Djerba has survived all the crises in the country and hopefully will stay with us.

Unforgettable the Berber festivals, right on the beach of Djerba.

Or breakfast on the beach – in the fine sand.

Aldiana Club Djerba

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