Wolfgang Gerth – Living on two continents.

Nova Scotia, Canada – Worms, Germany.

DJ Wolfgang, born on 02 January 1960 in Rottach Egern am Tegernsee.

Always be different from others. That is what many people want, hardly anyone can do it.

No, I wasn’t at the Waldorf School. I don’t dance my name, that’s Life Style Living.

I just very relaxed, the photo was taken in Varadero on the beach in Cuba, 2015.

Wolfgang Gerth in Varadero, Cuba

The new generation believes that they live more freely than the old generation. That is a mistake.

Eventually we got our beatings from the parents. The boys draw them directly from life.

Waldemar Bonsels (1880-1952) Writer.

My name is DJ Wolfgang Gerth.

Getting around, experiencing and surviving a lot.

Been a DJ for 26,960 hours – or more? They were long days – short nights !

Traveled 223 times. By train, flight, bike or by pedesh.

13 accidents experienced and survived. What a mystical number !

60 years old. How many more are coming? Who knows!

In spring and summer I spend my time in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Autumn and winter I come back to Germany and live in Worms, in the Nibelungenstadt.

From here, every month you go on city trips across Europe – or small trips to sunny destinations.


Stations of my life. Start: 02.01.60, Rottach Egern Tegernsee.


Great passion – cycling. Never mades a driver’s license.

Web Projects

Inventor and founder of DJ-AG. Nationwide Wedding DJ Portal.

I build the world as I like it.

Germany is beautiful.

Here I live at the moment, here I stay for the first time – in the Nibelungenstadt Worms.

Germany is beautiful. Although you do not come to this realization until you have seen the world.

Our blue planet is round, beautiful, fascinating and also terrifying.

Whenever I fly into the distance with my plane, i ride my bike through Germany, I look forward to my lake again.

Wolfgang Gerth in Cuba

Somehow it is always the most beautiful at home.

I don’t think I’m the first to have had such experiences.

To my travel world map.

The bottom line – life is a single journey.

Don’t take that much luggage with you. Wolfgang Gerth, 2016

New trips and experiences.

Where have I been again? Just look in the sections.

Holiday Map Wolfgang Gerth

The artist of life

I have no idea. But I can do that.

The New Hobby | Wolfgang Gerth clicks through life.

I chose photography. My first professional camera was the Canon EOS 60D.

In the meantime I have indulged in the Canon EOS 6D Mark II, with GPS & W-Lan function. In the past, many photos are also taken with the mobile phone, as an Apple fan – of course with an iPhone, currently the iPhone XR.

Whoever rests, rusts. | Protect hobbies from boredom.

Most recently, after my active time as a mobile DJ (1978-2014), it was time to acquire a hobby.

All photo galleries are original unedited photos.

Simply click on the motif box image galleries and then click on the pictures.

The 7 – is also just a number.

For this reason, there are almost always seven pictures. The new galleries will be more detailed.

Depends on the adventures. My name is Wolfgang Gerth, not an influencer but a lifestyle artist – I’m gone.


My new hobby – photography with the Canon EOS 6D Mark II.

The Allround DJ

My job, My life as a mobile DJ in the Hanover region.

The Aldiana DJ

ALDIANA DJ since 2006. A holiday DJ among friends.

Wolfgang gerth, arnumer see, autumn 2017

Every year – every summer. Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, Canada.

Relax, go on holiday, live in the Vipilodge.

Information about the holiday home rental in Nova Scotia of a special kind:

Lodge for rent, Nova Scotia, Holiday Rental

Visit me.

Motivbox, the private side of Wolfgang Gerth (location Hannover 1964 – 2018).

Since June 2019, my first residence in Germany is called 67549 Worms.

It contains pictures of my travels. Stories of my life – with Runrig, the house by the lake and in Nova Scotia, Canada.

DJ Wolfgang Gerth. Life Style Artist. Haus am See, Rhineland-Palatinate and Canada.

Yes, I was once a party & wedding DJ by profession (1978-2014).

Maybe someone knows me as a holiday DJ for Aldiana (2006-2016).

After all, I became a hobby photographer with passion (since 2006).

Consequently, I am now on the road as a lifestyle artist and for that I have the motive box.